Issa Nyaphaga and His Work With Amnesty International

At this moment in Cameroon since May of 2012 Amnesty International has been following closely the case of Jean-Claude Roger Mbede. Mbede spent over a year in Kondengui, one of Cameroon’s central prisons. His crime was sending a text message to another man. Even his lawyers have been harassed and threatened. Although orphaned at birth, Mbede has struggled to educate himself and prior to his incarceration was a graduate student working towards a degree in Philosophy of Communications at the University of Yaounde.


Issa Nyaphaga's cartoons (American Public Media)

Dick Gordon spoke with Issa Nyaphaga on January 25, 2008. Issa left his country, Cameroon, after he was punished for drawing political cartoons that poked fun at government officials. His artistic work has evolved in the 12 years he has lived away from Cameroon, but he still draws cartoons - and still targets government officials.


Issa Nyaphaga - (Alliance Francaise USA)

Issa Nyaphaga is a politically-committed plastic artist and poet from Cameroon. His unique, political and artistic career has fostered multi-facetted work: humorous drawings, caricatures which have landed him in prison several times, collages and “capillarism”, graphic research, painting on canvas and on his own body – his face, arms, and hands – in music.


Through exhibits, documentaries, performances, meetings and workshops, Issa Nyaphaga brings us a complex and paradoxical universe that is at the same time playful and colorful but serious, fragmented but perfectly homogenous, provocative but esthetic.


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My father said drawing politicians was dangerous. He was right, but we will never overcome the slavery of ignorance without ticking some people off


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