- A 50 meter radio tower now rises above the the tiny rainforest village of Nditam in the summer of 2013.

Eventually, with support, this tower will connect over one million people who have never had access to a network before. The Villagers came out in force to prepare the location for the the tower, chopping trees down with Machetes. There was ground breaking and mask ceremony with a goat sacrifice for the ancestor spirits who blessed the project.


- We have now completed the station building, solar power put the station on the air and trained citizen journalists to report on local issues.

Community Impact


- Nditam has a number of challenges that the team wants to address on the radio. 75% of this community is illiterate. Radio will open doors to a larger perspective most of them never imagined. 


Radio Taboo addresses: 


- Health: In 2009 research suggests that 610,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS. In Nditam and other rural villages in Cameroon HIV and AIDS are little understood. Safe sex is frowned upon due to taboos and ignorance. Women are often uneducated and the stigma of living with HIV prevents affected people from living normal lives. 


- Women's Issues:

Polygamy and forced marriage are widely practiced in Cameroon and domestic violence is common. Teen prostitution and ‘breast ironing’, (a form of mutilation in order to prevent girls from developing large breasts that would attract unwanted male attention) are also issues. 42% of women are illiterate and they are often denied opportunities given to their male counterparts. Their rights are not protected under the Cameroonian constitution, like many other nations in the region. 


- Gay Rights

The Advocate estimates that in 2011, at least a dozen men were arrested for suspected homosexuality. One of these, Jean-Claude Roger Mbede, was arrested by security forces for sending SMS messages to male acquaintance and sentenced to three years' imprisonment at Kondengui Central Prison.The sentence was protested by international human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the latter of which named him a prisoner of conscience. Issa has become deeply involved in this issue.


- Environment: There are issues with devastating deforestation in the area, villagers are unaware they are selling off their most precious resource – their forest. Garbage and litter line the streets of many villages. Pesticides are heavily used.


- Renewable Energy: Educational programming could inform people how to produce renewable energy and how to gain access to parts and tools to create electricity at home.



Population: 20,030,362


per annual income:  $1,160.00


Climate: varies with terrain, from tropical along coast to semiarid and hot in north


Religions: indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian 40%, Muslim 20%


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